Business Support Center is the first analytical center in the southern region of Ukraine, which aims to provide non-state support to entrepreneurship, protection of business interests, promotion of international trade liberalization and modernization of the economic system and sustainable economic development of Ukraine.

Our strategic objective is to provide the appropriate level of support and protection of businesses, learning the problems of entrepreneurship, development and implementation of key reforms that will determine the processes of transformation and will ensure sustainable economic development of Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation's welfare.

Business Support Center is a pilot unit for upcoming nationwide network of business support centers, which was established by the experts of the non-profit organization «Regional Development Office», supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway.


  1. Support of business
  2. Social entrepreneurship
  3. Education
  4. Rulemaking
  5. Advocacy
  6. Mediation
  7. The work of expert groups

The efforts of the Business Support Center team are primarily focused on providing qualitative information and consulting support for entrepreneurs, regardless of their areas of economic activity, including beginners, economic operators (exporters and importers).

Informational support is implemented through the organization of effective analysis and direct informing on its results.

The high level of consulting support is provided through the provision of professional legal and other professional advice on operating a business in a convenient form of counseling.

Support and development of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine is one of the priorities of our team. We believe that business, which is built on a social platform that aims its activity at innovative, important and positive changes in society, is able to fill in the gaps of social development and will help to increase the social capital of Ukrainians.

That is why we promote the development, provide professional support and protection of socially oriented entrepreneurs in Ukraine, who direct their own profits to solving social problems, implementing new unique business approaches that improve social action. Also, our efforts are aimed at building closer ties and constructive cooperation in order to create an active network of entrepreneurs, multiplication of joint action and exchange of positive experience between social entrepreneurs at the national and international levels.

Education is an important component of economic development, creating a culture that defines the quality of life and ensures the establishment of individuals and society as a whole.

The total paradigm of efficient economic activity is closely connected with the quality of human capital. Therefore, the key focus of the Business Support Center is the development of human capital through providing efficient activity of the educational cluster.

Trainings, workshops, master classes, thematic meetings, conferences - it is not an exhaustive list of alternative educational events held by the Business Support Center team.

Special attention is paid to the study of international experience and ensuring the systematic process of exchange of such experiences, including through the organization of training and study tours to other countries.

Rulemaking is one of the promising areas of the Business Support Center activities, because successful transformation processes of development and reforming, in our view, is impossible without ensuring effective and timely lawmaking.

The lawyers of the Center, together with the analytical department, carry out a full and thorough study of the processes, events, relationships, which require the identification and lawmaking.

Business Support Center is a regional unit on preparation and conducting advocacy campaigns aimed at structural changes in the society, protection of rights and legal interests of citizens and business entities.

We provide the appropriate level of individual and collective representation during the implementation of advocacy campaigns, making the impact on public opinion and decisions in the political, economic and social spheres of public administration.

As the level of credibility to judicial system of Ukraine is rather low, the representatives of the Business Support Center are supporters of alternative dispute resolution methods, one of which is mediation.

For us there is no conflict, which would have had no prospects of a solution in the interests of all parties of the conflict. Sometimes there is just a need in impartial, professional and objective mediation in its solution.

On the basis of Business Support Center the expert groups in the following areas are formed:

  • Stimulating of international trade;
  • Social entrepreneurship;
  • Development and implementation of a land reform;
  • Development and implementation of tax and customs reforms;
  • Development and implementation of a judicial reform.

A key objective of expert groups is working out a strategic vision and preparation of proposals to resolve existing problems and improving the legal regulation.


  • Small, medium and large businesses of Ukraine regardless of the fields and forms of management, including start-ups.
  • Economic operators (exporters, importers), including foreign entities.
  • Partner organizations and experts in the field of entrepreneurship.
  • State authorities and local governments.

About us


Ensuring high-quality consulting support to businesses by providing professional legal and other vocational consultations on the implementation of business, the consultants of the Center are guided by principles of: orientation on results; ease of consultation; accessibility and clarity of advice; guaranteeing protection of the information received during consultations; the freedom to choose the optimal form of obtaining advice.

Interested in consultation can:

1. Apply directly to the Center consultants by visiting the reception of the Center during working hours. The reception of the Center location is: Odesa, Shevchenka Avenue, 4, office 660. Previously desirable to call by tel.: +38 (048) 789 32 87 and make an appointment.

Reception hours:
Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 18.00
Saturday and Sunday - days off (only hotline appeals are accepted)

2. Send your letter outlining the essence of issues, indicating the method of obtaining consultation and contact information to the email address of the Center:: office@bsc.org.ua

Please note that anonymous appeals are not considered by consultants of the Business Support Center.

3. Send your letter outlining the essence of issues, indicating the method of obtaining consultation and contact information to the address of the Center: 65032, Odesa, Shevchenka Avenue, 4 (for the NGO "Regional Development Office" - Business Support Center).

4. Fill in the fast connection form on this website.

5. Contact the Centre consultants and obtain prior consultation with a special telephone hotline by tel.: +38 (048) 789 32 87


Антон Гніденко Anton Gnidenko Coordinator, member of expert council
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Alla Yurchenko Alla Yurchenko Analyst, member of expert council
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Інеса Матевосян Inesa Matevosyan Lawyer
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Катерина Зозуля Katerina Zozulya Lawyer
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How much does the consultation of the Business Support Center cost?

The services of the Business Support Center consultants cost free of charge.

How quickly can I get the answer to my problem issue?

The maximum term for taking the appeal and providing the consultation is 30 calendar days after receipt of the appeal. At the same time, the Business Support Center experts are focused on results and analyze each particular appeal, using every effort to ensure the provision of timely and relevant advice in the shortest possible time.

Does the Centre consultants advice on situations arising from civil-law relationships?

Yes of course. Our experts at providing advice guided by the objectives and principles of Business Support Center and are not limited with sectoral knowledge. We realize that there are no standard situations in business as it is risky. That is why we are looking for innovative and individual solutions for your difficult situations, guided by your interests and focusing on results.

If I address the Centre, does anyone know about it? And will the fact of addressing be publicized?

The Business Support Center does not consider anonymous complaints. At the same time, we guarantee anonymity to all who apply for support to the Centre and does not want publicity. In addition, we guarantee the protection of information provided to the employees of the Centre for the implementation of your consultation, respect for the protection of trade secrets, which became known to us in the implementation of the Center consultants’ powers.

Is the direct consultation beyond the Centre possible?

Yes. Specialists of Business Support Center regularly hold thematic meetings with business, roundtables in the cities of the Odesa region. During these meetings the representatives of business can receive appropriate advice. Location and time are determined by the approved Meeting plan in towns of the Odesa region, which is available on the official website and the official pages of Business Support Center in social networks.


65032, Odesa, Shevchenka Avenue, 4
Phone: 38 048 789 32 87

Reception hours

Monday – Friday: 10.00 – 18.00

Saturday and Sunday - days off (only hotline appeals are accepted)

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